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DHS Renews Expanded Employment Options for Certain Venezuelan F-1 Nonimmigrants

DHS has published a Federal Register notice extending the suspension of certain employment authorization restrictions for Venezuelan F-1 nonimmigrants (and those with no nationality who last habitually resided in Venezuela) who are experiencing severe economic hardship as a direct result of the current crisis in Venezuela. This accommodation, which had been set to expire on March 10, 2024, has been extended through September 10, 2025. Under this policy, Venezuelan F-1 students may request employment authorization, work an increased number of hours while school is in session, and reduce their course load, while continuing to maintain their F-1 nonimmigrant student status. DHS will deem students who obtain employment authorization under this policy to be engaged in a “full course of study” if the student maintains the minimum course load requirements described in the Federal Register notice implementing the policy.

In October 2023, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) extended Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuela for 18 months from March 11, 2024, through September 10, 2025. The agency also redesignated Venezuela for TPS from October 3, 2023 to April 2, 2025.

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