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DHS Announces Automatic Extension of Hong Kong DED-Related EADs

The Department of Homeland Security has announced an automatic two-year extension of Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) for individuals benefiting from Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Hong Kong. Hong Kong DED-related EADs expiring on February 5, 2023 have been automatically extended to February 5, 2025.

A closer look

Following President Biden’s recent announcement of a two-year extension of Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for eligible Hong Kong residents, the Department of Homeland Security has automatically extended Hong Kong DED-related Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) by two years. Hong Kong DED-related EADs bearing an expiration date of February 5, 2023 and an EAD category code of A-11 are automatically extended to February 5, 2025.

According to USCIS, with this auto-extension, foreign nationals holding Hong Kong DED-related EADs with a February 5, 2023 expiration date and an A-11 category code may present this EAD as evidence of identity and employment authorization for purposes of Form I-9 completion or reverification, until the auto-extended expiration date of February 5, 2025.

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